Public Launch of the U.S. STEM Education Model

July 8, 2009
The Newseum
Washington, DC

The Business-Higher Education Forum launched the Raytheon Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education Model and introduced the open-source community that will advance the model at an event on July 8, 2009.

Materials From the Event

Agenda (pdf)
Speaker Bios (pdf)
Press release
Power Point slides (ppt)
STEM 2-Pager (pdf)
BHEF Quick Facts (pdf)



Press About the Model

Investor's Business Daily: U.S. Tech Education Push Gets A New Techie Weapon
Reuters: Raytheon unveils modeling tool for education study
Defense News: New Raytheon Program Analyzes 'STEM' Candidates
Ed Week: Computer Tool Sizes Up Math, Science Policies
Ed Week blog: A Simulation Model for "STEM"
eCampus News: Open-source tool to boost STEM graduates

Video from the event

Part I

BHEF STEM Model Launch Part 1: July 8, 2009 from BHEF on Vimeo.

Part II

BHEF STEM Model Launch Part 2: July 8, 2009 from BHEF on Vimeo.