March, 2009


Upcoming Events

SRMN partners are hitting the road! On April 16th, members of the SRMN will conduct a two-hour symposium on using systems dynamics modeling at the American Educational Research Association's annual meeting. We hope you will join us.

SRMN partners are planning a session at the Systems Dynamics Society Conference, July 26 -30, 2009, in Albuquerque, NM. Please check back at for additional details about the session and a potential SRMN joint convening!

Other events will be posted on the calendar as they are scheduled.

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SRMN Meeting Updates

The February 2009 SRMN meeting in Miami, FL built on the SRMN’s inaugural November 2008 meeting hosted by the Kauffman Foundation. Russell Hulse, Nobel Laureate (physics), and senior researchers Patrick Shields from SRI International and Steve Robbins from ACT engaged participants in discussions about informal learning, teacher influences, and student interest in STEM. See the meeting summary here. Issues discussed at this meeting are helping to influence model updates prior to its open source release this spring.

The November 2008 Inaugural meeting of the STEM Research and Modeling Network convened a group of 40 researchers, policymakers, educators, and funders to analyze how predictive modeling can influence education policy in the United States. The secondary purpose was to specifically explore the value of the systems dynamics model developed by Raytheon, which will be managed through a partnership between the Business-Higher Education Forum, the Ohio State University, and Raytheon, with additional input from national partners, including Arizona State University and Boeing. The proceedings from this event are now available: see them here (pdf). This critical document outlines the recommendations suggested by this group.

Launch of

The SRMN has launched its official web presence,  Features include an overview of the modeling and community activity, an interactive electronic platform through Google Groups, a calendar with upcoming SRMN events, and frequently asked questions.  Please visit and tell us what you think -- email the Web editor.  Also, we encourage you to include a link to this resource on your own Web site!

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