March 2010


Get Involved

1. Make sure you belong to the SRMN Google Group.

2. Participate in webinars and other briefing events to learn more about the SRMN.

3. Log onto the G-Forge site to access the model. Within G-Forge are discussion forums for general modeling conversations and model-specific help.

4. Begin connecting through these forums with fellow researchers, policy-makers, and modelers to find common areas of interest.

5. Review the model and consider areas where you might contribute.

6. Submit changes and additions to the model using G-Forge.

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New user interface for BHEF U.S. STEM Education Model

BHEF's U.S. STEM Education Model will soon have a fresh new look that also will make it easier for non-modelers to use! Together with our partners at The Ohio State University, BHEF is developing a Web-based user interface for the model. Using the Forio platform, the new interface will allow policymakers and other users to simulate the impact of STEM-capable teachers and programs designed to increase the number of students who earn STEM degrees - all without having to download and manipulate the model in Vensim. Want to learn more? Attend our Webinar on March 18.

March 18 Webinar to demo new model interface

Please join us on March 18 at 1 p.m. EDT for a demonstration of a new BHEF U.S. STEM Education Model user interface that is currently in development. Feedback garnered during this event will help inform changes to the interface prior to its public release. Please e-mail Jeanne Contardo to RSVP.

STEManalytics is launched

BHEF and Ohio State's Battelle Center for Mathematics and Science Education Policy jointly held a workshop on March 3 to introduce STEManalytics, a new project to help states develop and use modeling and other analytic tools to identify policies that can strengthen STEM education, improve workforce quality, and spur economic growth. Ohio is serving as the initial pilot for the development of the STEManalytics suite of tools, which grew out of the development of the BHEF U.S. STEM Education Model. The workshop provided an opportunity for key stakeholders from five other states to learn more about the project and to explore the potential to develop a similar project in their state.

Kathy Sullivan, the director of the Battelle Center, is documenting this effort via Twitter:

White paper release

BHEF recently developed the white paper, Increasing the Number of U.S. STEM Graduates: Insights from the STEM Education Modeling Project. This report presents insights from developing and testing a system dynamics model of the U.S. STEM education system (the BHEF U.S. STEM Education Model) developed by Raytheon Company and donated to the BHEF in July 2009.

New experts

We are pleased to introduce two new experts who are contributing to advancing the STEM modeling effort. Andrea Bassi, the deputy director for project development and modeling at the Millennium Institute, is lending his expertise to the SRMN in adapting system dynamics models for policy makers and in the development of a state-based version of the BHEF U.S. STEM Education Model. Dan Sturtevant, an expert systems modeler and PhD student at MIT in engineering systems design, is helping to enhance the BHEF U.S. STEM Education Model, and working with a team to examine the development of a new model that would explore the role of two-year colleges in advancing baccalaureate degree attainment.


The BHEF U.S. STEM Education Model continues to receive widespread attention from policymakers and foundations. On February 16, BHEF staff demonstrated the new user interface for advocacy staff of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Other recent briefings include one for key policymakers at the U.S. Department of Education and a presentation for the Massachusetts deputy treasurer.

Upcoming events

On March 15, BHEF will present the BHEF U.S. STEM Education Model to the National Research Council's Board on Higher Education and the Workforce.

On March 24, BHEF will present the model and plans for the STEManalytics project to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's STEM grantee network.

Other events will be posted on the calendar as they are scheduled.

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